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Roddy Kirk -

Owner, Be Pack Leader

I have been rehabilitating dogs and training people for over 19 years. I believe in gaining trust and respect with your dog and enjoy seeing the change in relationships when i work with clients. I have a pack of my own and they include rescued fighting dogs with various degrees of terrible back grounds but are now all therapy dogs all through Be Pack Leader training.

I cover throughout the UK and Europe and I am based in Balloch, Scotland.

Be Pack Leader works with over 50 vets, charities, kennels and dog walkers and regularly runs seminars Pack walks and lectures throughout the UK.

For further info please don't hesitate to contact me


I am the President and Founder of the ABDT

The ABDT is an organisation dedicated to helping create balanced dogs. This means dogs that are: happy, fun to be around, and safe. The aim of the association is to share knowledge and expertise. That might be something as simple as giving a new dog owner advice on how best to train their dog, or as complex as advising the government on implementing policy relating to dogs.

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Dog Rehabilitation/People Training

Are you having problems with your dog? Do you feel that you and your dog don't have the relationship you should have? Are there problems that need corrected? If so then Be Pack Leader can help. With over 19 years experience we can help you discover and master the following:

  • The role of the pack leader
  • The importance of rules, boundaries, and limitations for your dog
  • Creating a consequence
  • How to control your dog during walks
  • The cause of aggression
  • "touch" correction
  • Communicating with your dog through energy and body language
  • The right amount of tension to have on the leash
  • The power of visualization
  • How to project a calm-assertive energy and body language that says "I am the pack leader"

Many of our clients call their dog their soul mate or their baby, but the dog tears up the furniture and drags them all over the neighbourhood on a walk. If you have a dog in your life, it is important to understand how to allow her to live in a balanced way and achieve a healthy state of mind. Please contact any time if you feel that we could help you. 

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